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New York City is the finest city in the world, and where you live, even for a short time, should reflect that.  Indigo House is Manhattan’s best source for idyllic, comfortable, temporary apartments.  We provide immaculate, stylized one bedroom units to those looking to live as they are accustomed for periods as short as one month or up to a few years.

We have dozens of units in magnificent neighborhoods such as Columbus Circle, Upper West Side, Chelsea, West Village and Hell’s Kitchen.  Each unit has been carefully chosen for safety and convenience and then stylishly appointed to satisfy our most discerning clients.  Each of our clients will experience an apartment that looks and feels brand new.

Whether in NYC on a temporary business assignment (such as a motion picture production or corporate training program) or needing a transition apartment while renovating or house hunting, our NYC furnished apartments promise to be every bit as comfortable and inviting as one would expect.

Calling New York “the city that never sleeps” only refers to its endless offering of culture, culinary delights, and nightlife.  We know you depend on your sleep and therapeutic rest in order to be your best.  Our units are chosen and designed with that in mind.  They are quiet, have lavish bedding, fine comfortable linens, and black-out window shades.

Schedule an appointment today to experience New York’s finest short term housing and corporate apartments.  We look forward to accommodating you.

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